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Admiring others is a skill, and so is deferring to those with superior judgment. Observe any wispy Canadian pop singer and you will notice what happens when men fail to cultivate respect in a boy.

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What would have happened if Lincoln had given up? Or Churchill, or Gandhi? Or English. Probably English. Possibly Hindi, but that seems unlikely. I digress. The point is, good men teach young men to stick to it. Impulse control. How do we do it?

By engaging boys in activities of delayed gratification. Think of hunting or fishing, with their hours of preparation and restraint.

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The payoff is big—as long as impulses are properly managed. One consistent theme from women was their curiosity about the male ability to clash, then shake hands and move on. Competition improves everyone, and good men teach young men to be grateful for competitors. This is why pee-wee football coaches instruct their teams to shake hands after each game. But like respect, this trait must be cultivated. Competition and cooperation are two sides of the same coin in the male world. It deprives boys of experiences that make them better men.

Even Archie Bunker understood that, and Meathead was the better for it.

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Get your ass moving and your heart will follow. Either way, get to work. Good men teach young men how to overcome inertia. No other team has matched that perfect record.

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Every year some odd teams try, but for 3 decades, it stands alone. Sports enthusiasts all have their own opinion about who might be the "Greatest Team of All Time", but one of the Dolphin team members put it best: "Perfection has a way of shutting peoples mouths. The "No-Name Defense.

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The willingness of every player to execute his position with excellence for a common purpose. Something special happens when everybody plays their position. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. They had some great players, no doubt. But plenty of other teams over history have had better personnel. More Pro-Bowl players, superstars, Hall of Famers. Yet no team has reached level of achievement that they did.

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Summer Sermon Series. Weekly Sermon Collections. Online Sermon Editor. View all Sermons. Today we will examine one of those people; his name is Timothy.

Who Was Timothy? A Man Who Cares c. A Man Who Is Trustworthy 5. Let's stand together as we read Phil. I Hope To Send Timothy 1. Since the outcome of Paul's trial is still up in the air, he "hopes" to send Timothy. This hope is based on Jesus Christ, as is all hope. Download Sermon with PRO. Talk about it Nobody has commented yet. Be the first! Join the discussion.

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